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K.West Body Waxing

When you’re tired of shaving, leave hair removal to the professionals. At K.West, our friendly staff of estheticians are highly trained in all types of body waxing. Our experienced and gentle team takes the time to listen to your preferences so you can get the perfect look. We practice the highest standards of sanitation to provide you with a clean, comfortable, and safe waxing experience.

How Body Waxing Works

Body waxing is a semi-permanent hair removal method that typically works for all skin types. The result is not only a hair-free area, but incredibly smooth skin that lasts for weeks.

Every person is different, but hair growth cycles typically last about 10 days. This information is key to determining the best times to schedule your waxing. After your first waxing treatment, you may notice that your hair grows back unevenly, indicating that different hairs were on different growing cycles. This is more likely if you have been plucking stray hairs or attempting wax removal on your own without thorough, even results.

At K.West, we use Berodin for hair removal, a product that is praised for multiple reasons:

  • Does not stick to skin.
  • Bonds only to hair.
  • Is 75% less painful than waxing.
  • Can be reapplied.
  • Removes entire hair bulb and shaft.
  • Stays liquid. Never dries.
  • No prior preparation needed.
  • No alcohols or powders.
  • Applies easily.
  • No waiting – put it on and take it off.
  • Fragrance-free.
  • Self-preserving product that is antibacterial and antimicrobial at low temperature.
  • Easily removed from skin, heater, and other surfaces with natural Erasing Lotion.
  • Can be used for 98% of the body.
  • Created for sensitive skin.

Post-waxing, the treated area is covered with an antibacterial-antimicrobial product to protect the hair follicles and surrounding area, reduce swelling, prevent clogging, and eliminate in-grown hairs while preventing new ones.

Fast Facts About Body Waxing

While body waxing can certainly be a one-time thing, the most successful body waxing results are achieved with dedication to consistent professional treatments. Multiples waxes slow down and reduce hair growth so that, over time, the hair will grow back fine and sparse and smooth skin will last longer.

  • Do not shave in between waxes. Not letting hair grow normally will result in some follicles that are too short to be removed during a waxing because the wax will not grasp on properly.
  • Waxing pulls hair out by the root. Shaved hair is a rough surface cut, but waxing allows hair to grow back softer instead of as stubble.
  • Be patient. Waxing is a process. When you have patience, stay away from the razor, and keep up with waxes, you will enjoy the long-lasting benefits of hair-free weeks. When hair does begin to grow back, it will be a softer texture – and that’s better than razor stubble any day.

Body Waxing Pricing

  • Brows – $18
  • Lip – $12
  • Brows + Lip – $27
  • Chin – $12
  • Brows, Lip & Chin – $38
  • Full Face + Brows – $45
  • Shoulders – $24
  • Under Arms – $20
  • Upper Arms – $25
  • Lower Arms + Hands – $30
  • Full Arms + Hands – $45
  • Stomach – $ 20
  • Upper Back – $30
  • Lower Back – $30
  • Full Back – $60
  • Bottom – $28
  • Women’s Bikini – $35
  • Women’s Bikini + Thong – $48
  • Women’s Brazilian – $58
  • Women’s Brazilian Touch-Up – $49
  • Inner Thighs – $16
  • Upper Legs – $40
  • Lower Legs – $35
  • Full Legs – $65
  • Feet – $12
  • Additional Waxing Services Available, Call to Inquire

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