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Herbal Alchemy

Herbal Movement – Welcome Package

3 Sessions + Journal, Custom Tea Blend, & Custom Flower Essence $600
The Welcome Package supports and addresses your intentions, needs, hopes and desires on your journey. You will create movement with gentle awareness with time to assimilate, reflect and affect current patterning. As part of your package, you will receive a journal to track your journey, a custom tea blend for nutritional support and a custom flower essence to address the emotional body. As this process unfolds, herb and nutrition knowledge as well as movement practices to explore on your own time will be shared to gain insight, grow and heal. Each session, tune into the physical and visceral experience in the body and look at energetic qualities and nutritional properties of herbal preparations, diet & lifestyle. Receive individual support. Create space for energetic fluidity through meridian points and Chakra centers. Reconnect pathways. Enjoy bodywork, non-verbal movements and verbal affirmations.

Herbal Nutrition – Wellness Session

An herb and nutrition wellness session provides an opportunity to look at the body as a diagram and connect the physical and visceral experience in the body to the energetic qualities and nutritional properties of diet & lifestyle. The conversation will include discussion of health strategies, which may include the use of herbs, foods, oils, salves and topical application. Receive individual support, tune into physical, visual, emotional and mental aspect of health and create clear direction, picturing you as a complete being.
(Standing Clients Only)

Herbal Movement – Wellness Session

Herbal Movement work is energetic work and physical body work, working with “qi” and the meridian system, anatomy, Reiki, intuition and Taoist cultivation principles. During your session, we will allow your energy to flow more fully through meridian points and Chakra centers, reconnect pathways and escort the bodies natural ability to connect with source energy. This work includes both non-verbal movements and verbal affirmation as well as the wisdom of our plant kingdom, herbs, nutrition principles and nature. Plants, oils and flower essences may be applied directly to the body to uniquely address your wellness needs – viscera, meridians, and structures.
(Standing Clients Only)

 Supporting true connection to yourself and community, for a most radiant life.

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