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Meet the Practitioners of K.WEST Skin Body Spirit

Katie Westgate – Founder + Esthetician

Weaving ancient and modern skin regeneration techniques, yogic lifestyle tips, and a passion for nutrition is how Katie Westgate, founder and lead esthetician at K.WEST approaches the healing journey each client begins when they walk in the door.

Healing the skin begins at the surface and is a catalyst for healing that extends through the body, mind and soul. Katie created K.WEST out of the desire to provide a beautiful sanctuary in which to return to wholeness through high vibe treatments, herbalism, energy and body work, yoga and community.

With nine years of experience as an esthetician in NYC and locally, and a graduate degree in experience design, Katie brings a highly attuned sensitivity to the experience of others. She is also a KRI certified Kundalini yoga instructor, and will be teacher at her studio, Shuniya at K.WEST, opening 2021.


Miranda Hodge – Esthetician + Nail Tech

With an extensive design and merchandising background, Miranda brings her expert eye to every aspect of her work. She came to K. WEST because she wanted to leave the corporate world and focus on something that brought more fulfillment to her life. She studied at the Douglas J. Aveda Institute in 2014 after moving to Ann Arbor for a life overhaul; and received her cosmetology and esthetics license to start this transition. The ayurvedic lifestyle approach has always been important to Miranda, with the idea of balance between mind, body and soul- especially when certain diseases run in bloodlines. Nutrition, exercise, and meditation are vital in living a long, fulfilled life, as well as monthly self care routines to maintain your overall well-being.

Miranda came to K. WEST to find the perfect balance between her home and professional life. She feels very in sync with the K. WEST beliefs and practices and wants to share her talents and passions with her clients. It’s not just her job, but also her lifestyle; believing firmly that when you love your job, you never have to work a day in your life!

When Miranda isn’t at the spa she devotes her time to the recovery community in Ann Arbor, specifically with Refuge Recovery; which is a Buddhist practice based program. Miranda has a deep connection to the movement as she has mentored several women through their recovery journey.


Nina McDermott – Reiki Master + Energy Healer

Each person is an accumulation of their individual experiences. In this way, no two people are alike. Add that to our passed-on genetic and family belief systems and the Self becomes even more unique. So when the time comes to turn inward, whether to heal, transform or for reflection, there is no single teaching that fits all.

Nina has spent over 30 years turning inward, looking to discover how to find peace and well-being within her own mind and body.  She truly believes that this journey, this path, is one that each person must discover, explore, and walk on their own. For those who are ready to turn inward, Nina is an invaluable guide; helping fellow seekers heal, laugh, and love along the way. For those who need to heal old wounds before beginning such a journey, Nina will gently prepare your body and mind by clearing and balancing your energy, allowing for healing and self love to blossom.

Nina is a certified Reiki Master and has a deep meditation practice 30+ years strong.  She has shared her love of meditation by teaching children and adults on retreats in Florida and California, special events and in schools. Currently she donates her time teaching the practice of mindfulness at Haisley Elementary School in Ann Arbor. She continues to learn and explore the landscape of turning inward so she may share this gift of true peace and understanding with those who are in need.


Prem Dass (Lindsay) Boyce – Therapist

No matter your current situation in life, the quality of your life is always improved by having someone there to listen and offer an outside perspective. As the K. WEST affiliate therapist, Prem Dass focuses on the study of consciousness development, somatic (body-focused) psychology, mindfulness-based practices, authentic communication, yoga and meditation, astrology, Native American ways, and the natural world.

Prem Dass works with those seeking to live more healthfully, to come into alignment with an authentic self, to wake up to the greater potential of their lives. Therapy and coaching support you to meet your situation with curiosity and openness. Together you will learn from and work creatively with what is arising in your life. She collaborates with clients who are experiencing the existential markers of adulthood: life transitions, relationships and partnerships, purposeful work/life, sexuality, spirituality, loss, fear, uncertainty, personal growth and self-exploration. And sometimes just basically, how on earth to be healthy and sane in this day and age.

Please visit her website for contact information and scheduling.


Samantha Gardner – Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner

Nourishing our bodies with whole, nutrient dense foods is the most fundamental tool to healing that allows us to connect and align with our body’s innate wisdom. Samantha came to K. West to partner with knowledgeable wellness practitioners who share the same passion to affect positive change in health with alternative medicine. By combining nutritional therapy with holistic skin care and energy work, we’re creating real and lasting improvements for our clients.

Samantha’s exploration in healing foods dates back to when her son was diagnosed with a serve form of Autism and digestive system disorders. After spending years learning how to apply the right therapeutic diet to his specific biochemistry, his mental and physical health began to heal. Today, she has found solace in the medicinal power of real, whole foods.

Samantha is certified by the Nutrition Therapy Association to conduct clinical evaluations in order to make nutritional recommendations that balance your body chemistry. Using whole food and supplemental therapies she can help you address the root cause of most nutritional imbalances that could be preventing you from clearing inflammation, losing weight, balancing hormones, and getting and staying healthy.


 Supporting true connection to yourself and community, for a most radiant life.

Book your appointment online, or call (734) 436-8991.

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