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Warming Salt Scrub


A multi-tasking scrub that puts you in a blissed out one track state of mind. Achieve velvety skin in the shower, or for added benefit, scrub before a bath, and let the salt and oils be your bath soak. The warming qualities of ginger will increase circulation. Positive ions from pink salt will soothe your nervous system along with the aromatherapeutic benefits of this sublime essential oil blend.    4 oz


Organic Rice Bran Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt, Ginger, Ylang Ylang, Neroli

Containing 84 trace minerals, himalayan salt in a bath creates a rejuvenating, detoxing, and relaxing at-home spa. The salt water carries the electrical charge of the salt, along with the dissolved minerals. A salt bath helps draw out toxins, deep cleanses the skin, and helps cleanse the body energetically.

Full of antixoidants, vitamins B and E, and wonderful natural emollients, this ingredient not only hydrates skin, but also protects. Tightens and has the ability to lighten hyperpigmentation.

Has a balancing effect that helps correct overly oily and overly dry skin. Its protective qualities help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and aging. In aromatherapy, Ylang Ylang is used to lessen tension and stress and to promote a positive outlook.

According to research, Neroli instills relaxation, uplifts mood, reduces feelings of anxiousness, and promotes overall well-being. Applied topically, Neroli can be used to soothe skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes.


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