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Skin reflects what is in. Outward appearances more often than not give a clear picture of the state of your mind, body and spirit. Our approach to skincare is an all encompassing one which weaves diet, meditation, highly effective treatments, and of course our favorite gifts from the earth in the form of healthy and 100% natural skincare products. Rooted in traditional and modern approaches, our offerings to you are sustainable for the micro and macrocosm. For example, treatments like Microcurrent and DNA CryoStemCell Therapy work with your body to regenerate its natural functioning unlike quick “band-aid” approaches that can leave you deflated months or years down the road. If it is your first time visiting us, please consider booking the “initial visit” offerings to provide more time to co-create your Personal Prescription.

Mini Facial + Winter Regimen Consultation

50 mins $50
This special limited time offer is designed to help you skate through winter with perfectly balanced and glowing skin. Your session begins with a consultation and moves through a mini facial using your suggested winter regimen, with the addition of a professional pumpkin peel exfoliation. Enjoy tips and tricks from your esthetician to get the most out of your seasonal skincare ritual.


Beginning with a unique opening attunement to bring you to peaceful state, this treatment works with traditional European, Chinese and Ayurvedic principles of massage. Through this your skin will detoxify and readily accept a custom healing botanical infusion. Cold pressed oils and high vibe aromatherapy, along with 100% Natural exfoliants, masques, and serums will leave your skin balanced and blissed. More >>


Stimulate your skin to regenerate through the use of natural, safe and effective skincare treatments. Regenerate is a launching point from which lasting and sustainable changes will take place in not only your skin, but your life. During your initial visit, you will co-create your Personal Prescription with your practitioner. This is a custom plan through which your unique needs and goals will be balanced and obtained by supporting your body to regenerate itself. More >>


Offered for monthly clients dedicated to maintaining the improvement they see from their customized Regenerate Treatment. More >>


Collagen Induction Therapy with Stem Cells for total skin rejuvenation, aging, scarring, acne, and hyperpigmentation. More >>

Purify Facial

Detoxify your skin and treat acne with a gentle yet effective four pronged approach. This treatment features clinical grade probiotic skincare to banish acne causing bacteria, delivered by a soothing lymphatic massage, which physically detoxes deep beneath the surface. Next is Silkpeel dermalinfusion, which is a gentle and safe form of microdermabrasion that delivers salicylic acid to the dermis while simultaneously physically removing dead skin and clogged pores. Following this you will receive a session under the green led lamp, a new cutting edge treatment for acne. More >>

Silk Peel Facial

This luxurious facial leaves your skin silky smooth, hydrated and bright.

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