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Soul Treatments

We believe nourishing the soul is an essential part of the self-care routine. K.West offers many modalities for your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our soul centered services help you find balance to break through energy blockages and support harmony within yourself. Any one of our soul treatments afford you the space to release the stress of daily demands or past experiences that may trouble you. All of the soul treatments at K.West are personalized to your needs and lifestyle to allow you to connect to your highest, most authentic self on the deepest level. 

Chakra Alignment

60 mins $125
The purpose of chakra alignment is to support a balanced flow that will enliven and sustain your authentic human expression.

Chakra Alignment is the process of restoring a harmonious flow of energy across the chakra system by addressing the energy blockages we accumulate from past events/experiences and as well as activities, stresses or demands of the day-to-day. Available in packages as well.


Hypnotherapy is a trance-like state in which you have heightened focus and concentration. We induce this state so that we can bypass the conscious mind and access the unconscious mind to help you achieve your goals. Using verbal repetition and mental images, you are gently put under hypnosis, where you usually feel calm and relaxed, and are more open to suggestions. During your sessions we will discuss your goals and customize a script for you. You will then relax, and listen to your hypnotherapists voice as they guide you into hypnosis. It is important to know that although you are more open to suggestion during hypnosis, you do not lose control over your behavior. We use transformational hypnotherapy, which is positive and empathetic. We do not use aversion hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis can support you in many ways, including:

  • Stress reduction
  • Weight loss
  • Behavior change
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Treating Phobias
  • Natural Childbirth
  • Postpartum and breastfeeding
  • Health Imbalances
  • Pain control
  • Improving Self-esteem and motivation
  • Improving learning experiences
  • Enhancing creativity
  • Sleep
  • Anxiety and depression
  • And so much more

Meditation Coaching

40 mins $45
New to meditation, or need help committing to a daily practice? This one on one consultation will help you find a personalized practice that will become a true foundation in your life, allowing you to connect on a deep level to your highest Self. Available as a package as well as one off session, for those needing more support.

Reiki Therapy

60 min $100, 90 min $130

Reiki is a safe, gentle, non-intrusive hands-on healing technique that uses spiritual energy to treat ailments of the physical and energetic body. It is a holistic system for balancing, healing, and harmonizing all aspects of the person — body, mind, emotions, and spirit — and it can also be used to encourage personal and spiritual awareness and growth. At K.West, your Reiki session is an intuitive and personalized experience, which may include a combination of essential oils, light body rocking, crystals, sound healing, and light massage of the scalp, hands, or feet to release stagnant energy.

Private Healing Session

60 mins $85
Experience an hour long session of healing, growth and discovery that is personally tailored to you. A Private Healing Session is an opportunity to slow down, lean in and listen to wisdom of your own body. With support from an intuitive healer you will use tools such as meditation, poetry, and writing to find deeper connection to your intuitive, fear-less and most authentic self. Available in packages as well.

 Supporting true connection to yourself and community, for a most radiant life.

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